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Online gaming has gained in popularity over the past decade with many players taking up online casino games like Blackjack. The game is easy to learn and easy to play and can provide hours of fun for players. This is part of the attraction. Anyone can learn and anyone can play and they can do it right from the comforts of their own home. By playing online blackjack for free, players can practice and learn some of the strategies involved to become a more successful player and eventually play for money, if desired.

History Of The Game

The traditional game of blackjack dates back to the 1700s and grew in popularity in the Old West of the U.S. in the 1800s when saloon owners started paying out at 10 to 1 for winning hands of 21 that contained the Jack of Spades or Jack of Clubs. This is where the name Blackjack evolved. In the modern game, a hand resulting in 21 is called Blackjack.

Basic Rules

Blackjack and online blackjack, for the most part, share the same basic rules. Players are dealt two cards, both face up. They play against a dealer who deals himself two cards, one face up and the other face down. The goal of all players is to obtain a score of 21. Cards numbered 2 through 10 have a value equal to that on the card. Face cards have a value of 10 and Aces are worth 11 or 1, depending on what the player chooses. The ideal hand is to be dealt an Ace and a card with a value of 10. This is a Blackjack and results in win for a player as long as the dealer does not also have a blackjack. When a player hits a blackjack, his payout is 3 to 2.

Dealers must stand, or not draw any more cards, when they reach 17. If a dealer has a 16, he must draw an additional card. Players can continue to draw cards in an attempt to reach 21, but cannot go over 21 or they “bust,” or lose.

Keeping The Game Interesting

Over the years, several variations to the original game of Blackjack have become popular. These variations keep the traditional game interesting and, like the original, are very easy to learn and are very entertaining. One variation of online blackjack that increases players’ odds slightly is Blackjack Switch.

Blackjack Switch requires players to play two hands at the same time. The second, or top, card may be switched freely between the two hands. Consider the following hands: a Jack and a 7 and a 3 and an Ace. The second card in each hand can be switched and should be because a player can create a Blackjack by doing so. The player is left with 10 (a 7 and a 3) and can continue to play that hand. The decision as to whether to switch or not is usually pretty obvious. Since the switch gives the player an advantage, the dealer automatically ties on 22 and wins on a blackjack.

Another variation is every player’s dream in Blackjack – to see the dealer’s cards. This is what happens in Double Exposure Blackjack. The dealer deals himself two cards, both face up. This gives players a unique advantage and to make up for it the dealer wins all ties, except on a player blackjack.

Online blackjack will remain popular because it is easy to learn and play. Those interested in learning the game can do so by playing free blackjack online. By playing for free, players can learn the game, learn various strategies, and improve their play. One site that gives you a few options to try is Free Online Blackjack CA. Give it a try and find out if online blackjack is the thing for you!

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